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         A true and Inspirational journey .......

     Inspirational, funny and at times moving personal story of Debbie Cundy

             a business woman, life coach and prolific fundraiser from Sheffield.



You can read about my amazing journey

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" If we wait for the moment when everything is ready, we shall never begin" - Ivan Turgenev

                                                       Feed Back

I found your presentation uplifting.Listening to you made me realise that everyone has there own journey which have similarities and differences, but all have a theme, that leaves you unhappy with a part of your life.

I think that you are a fantastic role model, being yourself and telling your story has definitely helped me to decide where I want to go in terms of my own contributions to others. Thank you for sharing your story.                                                                                                                 Joanne M - Sheffield

Thank you Debbie, for your interesting talk & congratulations on all you have achieved.

I wish you had told us more about your coaching work, as I assume that has been part of your journey 


                                                                               GIANT Store Sheffield

                                                                     Well Done your Inspirational! 



                                                                                Maria - Sheffield

 "There are few people in life who inspire us to be a better version of ourselves.Many Struggle and give up when the current gets too strong but sometimes,we all have the opportunity to meet one person who has battled through the darkest of times,the loneliest of hours and the most tragic of circumstances to come out as a true inspiration for others.

Deborah Cundy, Founder of Clarity in Mind is one such inspiration,based in the steel city of Sheffield she is living proof that no matter what background you're born into,achieving your goal is always possible with the right level of commitment, motivation, courage and the right mindset."

                                                                             Kate Hill - Sheffield

Passionate and true story telling!

I don't know you,but I came away thinking that you were being authentic and what you shared was the real you, it was natural and flowed well,delivered with a sense of humour. Not only did you come across as passionate but the sense of self belief in what you talked about was self-evident.


Overall I was really impressed and you had me hooked! Massive well done to you for all that you've achieved and thank you for being a guest speaker at the exchange.


i enjoyed your talk very much, I think you have a really clear way of speaking,you're very honest and positive and it was good to have the photos to support what you were saying.You have presence and commanded attention.

                                                                              Sheffield Coaching Exchange Members

Not only was it my honour to interview Debbie for "The Life You Deserve Show". I also was fortunate enough to share a stage with her, when she was a fellow keynote speaker, at Sheffield Coaching Exchange,June of this year.

On both occasions Debbie really did speak from the heart leaving her audience in no doubt it was her own personal experiences, she had to draw on ,that had so well equipped her to help and give back to others.

Debbie is one of the most philanthropic people I know and has cycled hundreds, if not thousands of miles, raising money for charities close to her heart. With such a giving persona, it is no surprise that Debbie won the 2017 "Coaching For A Cause Award"from The Coaching Academy and was also nominated for The Yorkshire Choice Awards "Inspirational Individual Of The Year", this year. Whether it's to her coaching clients, or guest speaking audiences, Debbie certainly has plenty to give.

                                                                                              Roger Cheetham