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I was quite nervous to pick up the telephone, but right from our first coaching session together I was made to feel at ease.

Debbie listened and never judged me. She asked me questions that made me really think about my life and what I wanted from it right here, right now and into the future. The sessions were very future focused encouraging me to look forward not back in my life. I have started to make positive changes to my life. I now take regular exercise in which I am gradually increasing week by week and seeing a good healthy weight loss each week. I used to say I was happy, but now I am really happy. With the support and encouragement from Debbie I have made some clear personal goals I am going to achieve. I have started back on my journey to lose weight yet this time I really feel it is for good. Debbie is very easy to get on with a genuinely nice person who never judges you who really does want the very best for her clients. Coaching might not work for everyone but it has truly helped me, to focus on what is important in my life and what I can leave behind for good. I would not hesitate in recommending Debbie for her coaching services”

Tracey - Scarborough

"I first started to see Debbie eight months ago on a regular basis. She has helped me in many ways especially with work and relationship matters. i found her very professional and trustworthy and made me feel at ease"

Michael - Sheffield

"I have only got praise for the way in which Debbie is so understanding and gives the very best support and makes you see what is going on in your life and what the next stage is. She is very patient and listens to you with an understanding. I found that all my meetings with her where very helpful and led me to a great deal of answers. I can fully recommend her for clarity within your life."


AC - Sheffield

"i have had the privilege of knowing Debbie for around two years now having met her when I first joined the charity.

Endeavour is a small national charity working at grass roots level with some of England's most disadvantaged,disaffected and forgotten young people. Debbie is part of a group of individuals who come together annually to support the charity via their fundraising cycle challenge events. I have been fortune to work closely with Debbie on two of theses challenges,Crossing Ireland West coast to East and crossing Wales North coast to South. On both of these events Debbie has really shone and shown a great strength of character. The Irish challenge was not only physically demanding but additionally beset by terrible weather which really stretched the group physically and emotionally. Throughout this Debbie remained a calm and reassuring presence,cajoling and encouraging her colleagues and helping them through it all. 

On both challenges Debbie has shown huge depths of character and you see people naturally gravitate towards her to seek her support and reassurance. She does this without fuss,quietly and assuredly. 

Stephen Turner - C.E.O


empowering young people  


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